(Membership application procedures)

  • Please fill out your name and e-mail in the application form and send.
  • Once you sent the application form, you will receive in return an e-mail containing a Registration ID and an URL for actual registration. Please open the URL for actual registration.
  • After your actual registration has been completed, please make annual fee payment. Credit card payment (VISA or MASTER) and postal transfer to our account are accepted.
  • Once we confirmed your annual fee payment, we shall send a membership registration certificate, payment receipt and journals.

Please note it would normally take 2 - 3 days before the secretariat receives your payment via remittance. In case you would like urgent registration of your speech subject for a meeting, please ensure to make early application. For student members, please send your student registration certificate by fax on 055-981-6736, or by PDF file to the secretariat at japgenet@nig.ac.jp.

Annual fee for general member: 10,000 yen
Annual fee for student member: 3,000 yen

[Notes for sending e-mails] If you registered an incorrect e-mail address at the temporary registration, or you missed our message because it was stored in junk e-mail folder by error, please apply all over again from here. In case you apply protection on your mobile phone to receive messages from computer, please make appropriate arrangements so that you could receive our message.

Columns with "*" are mandatory.
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